Director – Dan Rose

Wayne County Ramblin’ is the first feature length motion picture from filmmaker Dan Rose.  Dan grew up in a suburb of Detroit and began making films at age 11.  First making short films with borrowed Super 8 cameras, and then making music videos after college.  Having always wanted to make a feature-length film, but finding it impossible to find the time, money, and commitment from others, he began putting the story together for Wayne County Ramblin’ during his time-off from work.  The screenplay for Wayne County Ramblin’ was inspired significantly from a west-African novel read in school; The Palmwine Drinkard.  The book was written in English, but English as a second language, by Yoruban writer, Amos Tutuola.  Dan became enamored with the expressive magic of the book, and was one of the few he wanted to read repeatedly; over and over again.  Not wishing to adapt the book for a film, but rather to emulate it’s spontaneous storytelling, and transpose it’s coming of age experience to a mid-western, American setting.

The concept mutated further by a notion to substitute the bush wandering protaginist of Palmwine Drinkard, with a Becky Thatcher, a Huck Finn, and a Tom Sawyer.  That foundation was enough to begin writing an outline that would develop into a full screenplay, after a few years of research and writing done entirely on evenings and weekends.  In fact, the entire project was made that way (the exception being the principle photography); the research, the writing, the soundtrack, the editing.  That may explain why it took 15 years to create.

Dan presently lives in New Orleans, with his wife, Peggy O’Neill, and their beloved Jeep, Eugene.

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