Penny: Played by KASIA – Penny leaves Detroit for Mississippi in search of her Grandfather (originally from Mississippi) who is believed to have retired there.

Dan Rose in Haiti

Writer/Director, Dan Rose, in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti in July of 2001.  This photo was taken after 3 days ‘Guerre’ ceremony, prior to the 7 day  ‘Kanzo’ initiation ceremony he had the opportunity to undergo. According to him, it was one of the most incredible experiences in his life.  Rose was initiated in vodun after his filmContinue Reading


Johnny: Played by CHRISTOPHER GILPATRICK – Johnny, Penny’s boyfriend, is taking a week off from his job to drive Penny on his motorcycle and help find her grandfather. Although he sports a Newport t-shirt, he is a loyal frequent Pall Mall smoker.Continue Reading


Jim: Played by GEOFF BURROWS – Jim, not knowing Penny or Johnny, is driving to Mississippi for spring break from college. Early in the story, he comes across Penny and Johnny in need of assistance when Johnny’s motorcycle has been spirited away.Continue Reading


Simon: Played by IGGY POP – Penny’s beloved grandfather, Simon, whom she has not seen since she was very young.  Estranged from his family in Detroit, Simon is thought to have retired in Mississippi where he was originally from.  Toiling at Detroit’s Fleetwood Plant for employment, Simon would moonlight as an R’n’B drummer, leaving little timeContinue Reading

Papa Ogou/Ogun

Papa Ogou/Ogun: Personified by MICK COLLINS – Known as Ogou, Oggun, Ogum in the Americas, and as Ogun in West Africa, this spirit is revered as a tireless worker.  With his machete and/or rifle, he can clear a path through all obstacles. His attributes are of war, revolution, iron forging, and of iron–period.  If, and when,Continue Reading

Narrator (aka Oscar Huckleby)

Narrator (aka Oscar Huckleby): Played by NATHANIEL MAYER – Nathaniel Mayer’s smooth, chimney-sweep voice lends an air of warmth and understanding to the story. “Wayne County Ramblin’, I like to call it, ‘Song O’ The North’.” Nathaniel seen here vacationing far away from the film in the Swiss Alps.Continue Reading


Erzulie/Oshun: Personified by LORETTE VELVETTE – Known as Erzulie, Ochun, Oxum in the Americas, and known as Oshun in West Africa, this spirit’s attributes are as goddess of love, lust and vanity. She resides in moving fresh waters, and at times, the limitations of love, and the brevity of life will make her cry. It isContinue Reading

Papa Legba/Eshu

Papa Legba/Eshu: Personified by OTHA TURNER – Known as Legba, La Bas, Ellegua, Exu in the Americas, and known as Eshu in West Africa, this spirit’s attribute is Lord of the Crossroads. Devotees will pray open the road for me, do not let any evil spirits bar my path.Continue Reading

Fish Fly

Fish Fly: Played by CUB KODA – June Bug and Boll Weevil’s ever loving, if not anxious, friend and colleague. More responsible and concerned with their actions; the good cop, of the good cop/bad cop working team.Continue Reading