Boll Weevil & June Bug

Boll Weevil & June Bug: Played by BILL PEITSCH & SANDRA ‘KRAMER’ SHAW – These two are helplessly in love with one another. They also enjoy thieving as both career and hobby. Together, with another, they acquire items that they sell to a most sophisticated middleman. They do all right for themselves.Continue Reading


August: Played by TAV FALCO – The most sophisticated middleman  that provides the benefits and rewards for the earnest work ethics of Boll Weevil, June Bug & Fish Fly. Possessing not only equitable management abilities, August is also a renaissance employer; genuinely interested in sharpening artistic skills, that he believes, reside within us all.Continue Reading


Erie: Played by ERIE – Erie is Penny’s doll that was given to her when she was a young girl by Simon, her grandfather. Good Looking, svelte, armed, well dressed and accessorized, she has always possessed powers that Penny aspires to grow into. Even to this day, Erie is rarely far from Penny’s side.Continue Reading


“The Smallpox” Organist: Played by JEFF CONOLLY (of Lyres) – Penny dreams of a memory when her Grandfather, Simon, took her to a bar in what was left of Detroit’s Paradise Valley. They meet Simon’s organist  there to set up equipment and sound check for that performance. To open up for Dr. Ross, is Simon’s band;Continue Reading

Officers of the Law

Officers of the Law: Played by RON EASLEY & BEN HAMPER (aka Rivethead) – Seen here in glee at the notion they are being videographed for possible broadcast on a television series, it is hard to imagine that life’s travellers could be safe without their lying in wait, and dedication to ‘homeland security’. We can onlyContinue Reading

Officer Jackson

Officer Jackson: Played by CORDELL JACKSON – As the lone guard at a quiet, low attendance jail, Officer Jackson is known to shorten her shift while clicking on her guitar. While entertaining to some, other prisoners might rather endure an electric chair.Continue Reading

Young Penny

Young Penny: Played by CAROLYN HARPER – Penny and Erie concur, while her beloved grandfather, Simon, sits, fishes, and listens for a fish.Continue Reading