Wayne County Ramblin’ reforges rock and roll lore with west-African elements intrinsic to that history’s existence.

From Detroit > to Mississippi

Beginning in Detroit and ending in Mississippi, Wayne County Ramblin’ is a road movie that travels in the opposite direction of the historical great migration of African-Americans, north. The story centers around three young European- Americans; Penny and her boyfriend Johnny. They leave Detroit in hopes of finding Penny’s beloved Grandfather, Simon, who is rumored to have retired in Mississippi several years ago, where he was originally from.

When they encounter trouble early in the journey, that could prevent them from reaching their goal, they meet Jim, also from Michigan, heading in the same direction for his own reasons. Although Jim appears as an opportunity to achieve their goal, sexual tensions and insecurities increasingly cloud their destinations.

By interweaving fact, folklore, fiction, religion, and lies, Wayne County Ramblin’ seeks to reveal its’ landscape as part of a great creole nation. Even if they are not aware of it, these three European-Americans’ lives are being directed by three west-African spirits, who are leading them to a better sense of self. (total running time; 1 hour & 59 minutes)